Eric Mangini Uses Irrational Snowballphobia to Divert Attention From His Poor Coaching

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

Clearly the pressure of January is a bit much for Eric Mangini. First of all, his job is on the line. Secondly, he just lost to the freaking Seahawks in the snow (your team is from New York, dude). And finally, Shaun Ellislobbed a giant chunk of snow into the crowd, causing quite the stir amongst the NFL's lawdogs.

Fortunately, Mangenius is smart enough to divert all the attention to Seattle security and his irrational fear of snowballs and their ability to blind humans.

"There were a lot of people that were hit with snowballs," Mangini said. "All you need is someone to get hit in the eye. It's just not a safe situation. It was disappointing to see that, but that stuff, we couldn't control that. How we can control it is how we respond."

"I thought there could have been more done to prevent what was happening in terms of the safety issues from the snowballs coming down," Mangini said. "But that being said, it doesn't justify us getting involved in any context."

Now, aside the fact that everyone and their brother has taken a snowball to the domepiece at least once or twice in their lives (and yet ... can still see out of both eyes), how about we just focus on the Jets for a minute. Clearly this is a team that lacks discipline (Ellis) and that hasn't been "coached up" properly, considering the nature of the AFC East and the firm command they had on the division just a month or so ago.

There are issues with fans throwing snowballs onto the field, but as Mike Holmgren pointed out, it's a "novelty" in Seattle -- if the Jets had taken care of business and won the game, we wouldn't even be talking about this.

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