Drew Rosenhaus Claims the Giants Are More Concerned About Plax's Health, Not Football

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

Drew Rosenhaus Plaxico Burress

Honestly, he didn't say much, but three things stood out. First, he deigned to compare being Sean Taylor's agent to representing Burress ... and somehow thinking that the two items compare. Secondly, he told Tony Kornheiser, who did a nice job of questioning R-Haus on the set, he could "privately" discuss why Plax had a gun on his person at the club, but couldn't talk about it publicly for legal reasons, which is just beyond stupid/ridiculous.

And finally, he said that the Giants weren't concerned about football. Just Burress' health. I'm going to go ahead an call BS on all three of those.

For starters, Drew, don't do America and your late client and revered Redskin the disservice of comparing Burress idiotically carrying a loaded and unsafetyed gun into a nightclub with Sean Taylor being freaking murdered. Seriously, that's screwed up. Like, really screwed up.

Next, why on Earth would you tell Mr. Tony, a tremendously public member of the media, why Plax was carrying a gun, or even promise to tell him? And yes, this is less important, but still, it seems really ridiculous.

And finally, you want us to believe that the Giants, who watched Burress casually stroll into the New York City police station today, are totally unconcerned with his contract or performance on the field? Sure, that's sounds nice in principle, but come on, man. It might be Monday and we might be used to tuning out talking points in the ESPN booth at this point, but at least be reasonable with your discussions of things that involve logic and common sense.

Oh, and if you don't mind, refrain from insulting dead people with shoddy analogies when the only common threads between the two situations being compared are: football and you.

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