Brian Urlacher Accused of Creating Gender Confusion For His Son

Josh Alper

by Josh Alper

For a long time, it seemed like we couldn't go a week without hearing something having to do with Brian Urlacher but not having something to do with how he played football. Whether it was about his desire for a new contract, his acrimonious child support battle, his frisky hands or his hostile text messaging, it got far too easy to forget that Urlacher was still playing football for the Bears.

This season, though, Urlacher has faded from view. That may be a bad sign for the Bears defense, but it's a good one for Urlacher's personal sanity. I'd give thanks tomorrow, but Urlacher's luck ran out today. The mother of Urlacher's son was in court threatening to stop Urlacher from seeing his son because Urlacher has painted the boy's toenails and has him wearing pink diapers.

"He says he can do whatever he wants," (the boy's mother Tyna) Robertson said. "(Urlacher said), 'It doesn't make him feminine. It doesn't make him gay.'

"You're confusing him, if he's a boy or a girl," she said.

Whether or not he's confused about his gender, he's certainly gotten screwed in the parenting department. In case you've forgotten, Urlacher's infamous text message to Robertson accused her of "raising a little p___y, and these two have gone back and forth in the public forum for years with the little boy stuck in the middle. Hopefully Urlacher's new contract pays enough to cover therapy.


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