Brandon Jacobs Talks About Carrying a Gun: Come in My House and ‘I Am Going to Kill You'

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

Anyone remotely associated with the New York Giants is, in the recent days of Plaxico Burress being arrested and subsequently suspended, being questioned about their stance on guns and whether it not it's alright for NFL players to carry said firearms.

Brandon Jacobs is no different. However, he has a pretty spicy -- albeit fair -- response as to whether or not he should be holding onto a gun in his own home.

"All I will say is in the streets for me, there is no need for it," running back Brandon Jacobs said of carrying a gun. "But if you come in between that door frame of my home, I am going to kill you. Hands down."

When asked if he owns a gun, Jacobs added, "Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth," Jacobs said. "If you come between the door. ... If I am out in the streets, I don't have anything to do with that. But at my house, where I have my wife and son there ..."

Look, there's nothing awesome about shooting another human being. Ever. But Jacobs has a point, constitutional interpretation be damned: he is allowed to own a gun in the privacy of his home and he has the right to use it in order to protect his family.

That doesn't make volunteering his willingness to kill an intruder any smarter ... actually, on second thought, yes it does. I don't think that Sean Taylor flexing his private muscles would have kept him any safer. I do, however, think that a potential media driven warning probably serves to push future violators away from his private property.

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