Barry Switzer Thinks Tony Romo Might Be ‘Overrated' and an Error Prone ‘Gunslinger'

Will Brinson

by Will Brinson

Barry Switzer Jimmy Johnson the Dallas Morning News

Johnson's answer -- despite possibly wanting to get some payback at Jerry Jones for earier remarks -- was pretty stock in terms of the 'Boys owner just not wanting to make changes. Switzer though, was a little less reserved, and called Tony Romo out for a few things.

They stink right now. Romo might be an overrated quarterback and gunslinger, throws the ball, takes too many chances, gambles. I just know that Jerry doesn't want to do that and he's certainly going to give it another year. I think every coach in pro football gets four years.

First off, as Bacon said, how awesome is it that, suddenly, the term "gunslinger" is considered an insult? Just a year or so ago, people were swooning over Romo's similarities to Brett Favre. But after his apparent [over]exposure in New York, we can freely call people g-slingers again with the intent of calling them reckless.

And secondly, Switzer is right -- the Cowboys do stink and Romo is probably overrated; so much is made of his ability to have big games but look at the freaking offense that's around him and then check out his December splits (hint: not good) and it's not that hard to figure out he might be getting more credit than he's due a lot of the time.

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