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Fairies to Summon Encinitas Enchantment

The sweet summer opener is a cute way for kids to get creative

A FAIRY NEVER STOWS HER WINGS, but wintertime, and damper days, and cooler temperatures can make a sprite want to throw on a sweater and save the flying fun for summertime. And it is right around the start of summer, with all of those beautifully sweet and warm days, when both fairies and fairy-fun events appear. One of the sweetest bursts into bloom at the San Diego Botanic Garden in Encinitas each year, and the made-for-kids cuteness is ready to alight upon a petal and play over one special 2018 Saturday. That Saturday is...

JUNE 23, which means summer will have just revved up in its joyful, let's-start-the-celebrating way. Your entry to the gardens needn't be by the sky, if your wings are at the cleaner, but rather the usual entrance, where admission or membership gets you into the Fairy Festival. It is, as mentioned, a festivity for the tots, and grown-ups are asked not to arrive in costume. But as for children? Wings, flower crowns, tutus, sparkly overalls, or whatever whimsical selection your kid chooses to show in is fine for the fairy get-together. So, once there, what will your little fairies do?

THERE'S A WISHING BUSH, to leave a happy wish upon, and an area devoted to the building of Fairy Houses, and a place to decorate Magic Mushrooms, and another place to decorate Magic Wands, and a Fairy Land Market, too. If your bambino wants his or her face painted, that can happen, and those kids who dig unicorns can make unicorn-themed ornaments. All the festive 411? Wave your wand in this general direction, now, dear summer-seeking fairies of Southern California.

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