Fairies Flit: Enchantment in Encinitas

Have your tots don their wings ahead of the magical San Diego Botanic Garden festival.

Update: There will be a small additional fee for some craft activities at the festival.

IN YOUR KID'S CLOSET, how does the order of hooks go? You know the little hooks that line the wall closest to the closet door, the ones that typically hold a backpack or a light jacket or a jump rope or all of the above. Most young-uns keep those hooks stacked with stuff, of the clothing and hanging toy assortment, which is no surprise, since we grown-ups tend to do the same with our own storage spaces. But if one of your kid's closet hooks always sports a pair of sparkly wings, as in the gossamer, fairy tale-like wings that come with the stretchy, wearable elastic, then you likely have a tot who is quite taken with whimsy and magic and tender-hearted tales of sprites flitting about various forests. Those wings are clearly at the ready, but if your child hasn't donned them in awhile, or hasn't had a reason to, beyond all-important backyard play, there is a place where young fairies shall frolic on Saturday, June 17. It's the...

SAN DIEGO BOTANIC GARDEN, which is once again hosting its much-loved Fairy Festival. This is a chance for kids and adults to enjoy a host of fairy-sweet activities, and while younger fairies are invited to dress for the enchanted occasion, grown-ups are asked to not gussy up. A magic wishing bush'll be on the pretty grounds (yes, wishes may be left there), official fairy princesses Violette, Juniper, and Blue Bell will make cute cameos (snapshots will be part of the fun), and wands shall be assembled. Other crafts, including the painting of wooden treasure chests and the making of enchanted swings fit for a fairy doll, are also on the delightful docket. Are those wings ready to come off the hook for a imagination-fueled festival in a garden? A fairy's favorite place, as everyone knows? Fly for Encinitas on June 17, and pay garden admission, but no extra fee beyond that, to join the annual festival.

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