Experience the Concert That'll Make History

Talented musicians will rock Mission Bay Saturday for the Elemental Experience Music and Arts Festival.

The non-profit festival-slash-extravaganza will celebrate music with Matisyahu, Jay Nash, Mason Jennings, Pinback, Bassnectar, Dirty Sweet and Pete and J.

Local artists will also get the chance to be part of the event by adding their personal vision of 'Earth, Air, Fire and Water' to the living art mural that will stand 12 feet tall and stretch 50 feet.

All of the bands are really looking forward to playing at this event. The event, organized by StayClassy.org, hopes to raise $500,000 to build a shelter for the homeless, and to fight youth homelessness -- as of Monday morning, they've raised about $27,000 and they need your help!

"We were really excited about this concert. It's nice because it's both eco-conscious and raises money for a good cause," said Chris Mendez-Vanacore, Dirty Sweet drummer. "It's America's Finest City and people don't really think of there being thousands of homeless and abused kids living out on our streets. This is just a great opportunity to help out where we can."

The other artists like Mason Jennings and Pete and J definitely agree with that.

"Every chance we get to participate in something like this is great," said Pete Harper of Pete and J. "It's a really great thing when you can actually show your fans the things you care about; it's really great when it happens like this."

"I love San Diego and i'm glad to be a part of it," said Mason Jennings. "Music is my calling so I can bring that to the table."

Get your tickets at stayclassy.org and get involved in this can't-miss opportunity for great music for a great cause-- it's not too late!

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