Escaped Inmate Busted for Another Crime

An inmate who escaped from the George Bailey Detention facility by wearing another inmate's identification wristband is back in custody, said San Diego County sheriff's deputies.

Fugitive Tuan Tran, 50, also known as Kevin Nguyen, was arrested Tuesday allegedly attempting to pass a fraudulent check at the Viejas Casino.

In October, Tran escaped after switching identification wristbands with another inmate.

“He conspired with another inmate who has the same last name, to switch wristbands that we put on them when they come into our custody," said spokesperson Phil Brust.

Lt. Brust says the inmate who gave Tran his identification wristband, is also a friend of Tran's who helped him commit other crimes in the past.

"The inmates look so much alike, and with the names that were similar they were able to succeed in getting this guy out the door," said Brust.

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