Enjoy Fat Tuesday on a Lean Budget

Starlite restaurant dinner deal with slow food menu

Starlite restaurant hexagon entrance
Derek Plank

Such a deal. Three-course meal for $20.  The Fat Tuesday special is offered up at Starlite in Mission Hills 5 to 8 p.m.

"Starlite is both a trendy bar and a great dining spot," David L. posted on Yelp.com. The menu is also slow food friendly. If you're not familiar with the slow food movement it's all about eating local food, counteracting the fast food lifestyle and putting the table as the focus for family and community. 

Even though it's called "Fat" Tuesdays, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll have Mardi Gras items but they'll mix it up by creating a special menu to choose from in addition to the regular menu.

There's also  gluten-free beer for those who love beer, but can't handle the gluten. 

"The architecture and interior design is sweet and stylish. Loved the sunken bar and the outside area, " Zach W. posted on Yelp.com. And you can't miss walking through the unique hexagonal entrance on India Street.

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