5 UCSD Students Win Ellen’s Twitter Challenge

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The challenge: Bring corn and take a picture in nothing but a red towel with someone in any kind of uniform.

Five lucky students at UCSD won a trip to Los Angeles Thursday evening during Ellen’s Twitter Challenge, which drew a massive crowd on campus. They will attend one of Ellen's 12 days of Giveaway tapings, which puts them in the running for a big prize.

“Thanks for showing up and playing UCSD... game's over for now. Tell your friends to follow me on Twitter - it pays!” Ellen’s last tweet said.

Ellen tweeted instructions throughout the day on what followers needed to do to participate. Here are her previous Tweets (to catch you up):

  • Students of UCSD: The first people to bring Aaron any kind of corn at the Price Center are in the running for an incredible prize.
  • UCSD-on your mark get set the games begin between 5:45 and 6! Go here now http://su.pr/1N4dDU
  • UCSD…USBWFMT! (University of California at San Diego: U Should Be Watching For My Tweets…today) 
  • If you know what UCSD stands for, then you should probably be looking out for my tweets… (Sent Thursday)
  • Hey UCSD Tritons are you creative? Do you like prizes? Watch my tweets tomorrow. You never know what I'm gonna do! 
  • I'm doing another Twitter game tomorrow, & the location is a big surprise. On an unrelated note: UCSD students-practice your surprise faces!
  • Followers: I’m having another Twitter challenge in San Diego tomorrow. Keep following my tweets-it pays off! (Sent Wednesday)

She typically asks followers to bring something unique to the location. The first ones to arrive have a chance to complete another challenge and win something big.

The challenge will air on Ellen on Monday at 3 p.m.

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