EGGStravaganza at the Aquarium

Hey, peeps: Baby sharks, squid, Garibaldis and other fascinating sea creatures are on view at what the Birch Aquarium is calling one of it's most popular events.

It's not just bunnies and kittens that are multiplying this time of year. 

"EGGStravaganza is very popular with the kids," aquarium spokeswoman Jessica Crawford said. "Springtime in the sea gives you a chance to see animals at their most active time as they look for mates and take care of their babies,"

Chances are you're not familiar with a Garibaldi. These brightly colored fish that make thumping sounds will not only resonate in the tank, there will be plenty of them for you to see, too.

Spectators at the aquarium can often spot a leopard shark this time of year with an egg in its mouth looking for safe places among the plants and kelp to hide the prized possession, adds Crawford. Among the most popular activities is the egg-hunting activity for the kids. That's when colorful Easter eggs are hidden in the tank. making it a fun challenge for children to spot because the fish are also brightly colored.

Among the other newbies are baby sea horses. Squid eggs and coral spawn may evoke an "ew" or "ahh." Divers take to the water with special microphones and can interact with the young audience on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, answering questions about reproduction in the sea.

EGGStravaganza runs from April 8-12.

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