Eggheads Use Offspring for Guinea Pigs

High-level scientists from UCSD and other schools are using their kids as test subjects in their ongoing research, according to a published report.

The New York Times article mentioned two UCSD scientists -- Gedeon Deàk, a cognitive science associate professor, and Karen Dobkins, a psychology professor -- in their examination of the practice.

The experience is not always pleasant, according to Dobkins.

"[It] was kind of painful, because one of my twin boys basically played the game really well, but my other son, we couldn’t even use his data." She said that "made me worry that he had autism," Dobkins told the paper.

The practice of scientists using their children in research has become more prevalant in a time of funding scarcity. Supporters argue that the practice is harmless, but some critics question its affect on the familial relationships.

The has more on the subject.

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