“Dump the Pump” Day

San Diegans urged to use public transportation

Thursday, June 18 marks the 4th annual "Dump the Pump" day, a day when all Americans are encouraged to leave their cars at home and take public transportation to work, school or wherever they need to go.

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is behind this idea. It says you can save real money by "dumping the pump". Parking costs alone, which, according to the 2008 Colliers International Parking Rate Study, can amount to $1,720 per year. Public transportation saves 900 thousand automobile fill-ups every day nationwide, according to the APTA.

"By participating in Dump the Pump Day, we hope people who have never used MTS will decide to give us a try instead of driving their car," said MTS Chief Executive Paul Jablonski. "If you leave your car behind to take public transportation, you will be helping to reduce America's dependence on foreign energy and combat climate change."

In fiscal year 2008, MTS set a record carrying 87 million passengers. This year, it's expected to exceed that with a projected 92 million passengers.

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