Double Duty Makeup

Makeup that does more than just sit there and look pretty.


PEARLY PUCKER: You knew that lipstick could make your lips look rosier, but did you know it can also make your teeth look whiter? Clinique tested all their lipstick shades, and have chosen the 12 colors that are most effective at making your smile brighter. Check out the before and after photos online.

For more direct whitening, stash some easy teeth-whitening tools in your purse for use after coffee, cigarettes or wine. The Brite Smile To Go Pen lasts three to four weeks and brightens teeth up to eight shades, while the Go Smile ampoules whitens while also freshening your breath.

WHITE LIGHTS: Tired, blinky eyes suffer under the weight of heavy eyeshadows. White eyeshadow, however, actually makes you look more alert when dusted on lids, dabbed into the crease or lightly applied under the lower lash. Unless you're consistently hooting with the owls, the L'Oreal Wear Infinite in Sea Shell will do the trick, and can be picked up at most drugstores.

You can also double that sparkle in your eyes by swiping on some eye-enhancing mascara. The BADgal Blue Mascara helps make eyes look whiter, while their Plum version enhances the color of the iris.

UNDER COVER: Breakouts can promote a maddening cycle between your makeup and your skincare products. Bring some peace to your routine with a blemish fighting concealer such as Neutrogena's Smoothing Stick Treatment Concealer.

THREE'S COMPANY: Whether you frequently sleep in or can't be bothered with a fussy makeup routine, a three-in-one product for lips, eyes and cheeks gives even the quickest touch-up a shot of perfection. Try The Multiple from NARS or Benefit's Rush Hour.

PRIME TIME: For foundation that looks flawless and stays all day, a primer is a wise investment. The Photo Finish Foundation primer from Smashbox smooths skin and fills in large pores while infusing it with vitamins and antioxidants, creating a perfect makeup canvas now and for the future.

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