Don't Go There!

Ever suffered through a bad vacation? Travel guru Peter Greenberg has a few tips on where not to go on your next trip.

Greenberg, of TODAY show fame, is saving travelers from disaster in his new book, "Don't Go There."  He lists places not only in the U.S.  but around the world where the air is bad, the water is polluted or the traffic is chaotic. For example, Bakersfield, Calif., the place Buck Owens put on the map, is described as one of the most ozone-polluted cities in America.

San Francisco Bay? Sewage spills resulted in the posting of warning signs at local beaches. Oklahoma City? Greenberg said it is one of the fast-food capitals of the world, with residents known to frequent the local McDonald's or Burger King almost 21 times a month.

Greenberg also lists the dirtiest hotels, the airlines you don't want Fido to fly on, as well as some of the most expensive countries in the world -- and they're not France or Japan. And if you want to drown your travel sorrows, the book does give a list of the top drinking countries in the world.

Find out what Greenberg says in his own words.

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