Don't Get the Thursday Night Slump!

It’s the middle-of-the-week, nothing-to-do, not-quite-the-weekend limbo. Most of us just call it Thursday.

So what to do? Lucky for you, San Diego has a great little music scene!

This Thursday, get your live music and liquor fix with solo-artist The White Buffalo at The Casbah.

The man, who is as equally imposing in stature and just about as hairy as a wooly mammoth, is a guaranteed good show this week. The venue has a full bar and pretty cheap drinks, so even if The White Buffalo isn’t your thing, you’ll probably still have a good time!

If you’re not feeling The Casbah, or maybe you just feel like hanging out in North Park, cruise on over to Bar Pink Cocktail Lounge. Yes, it is pink. No, it is not “girly”; it’s just a throwback 50’s Coco-Cabana venue.

Two local bands will be hitting the Bar Pink tonight and they’re worth a looky-loo.

Swim Party was named Filter Magazine’s undiscovered Band of the Month last year and nominated for two San Diego Music Awards (including Best Alternative Band and Album).

Secret Apollo is a sure crowd pleaser with their uber-catchy songs.

For a little different flavor, make your way to Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego this Thursday for Thursday Night Thing, or TNT. It’s a free event, so you can’t say it wasn’t worth it.

This Thursday, the MCASD will host “The Shape of Things to Come”. This event will feature yoga folks will contort their limber selves in reaction to the new exhibition “Primary Forms: Illuminated and Opaque”.

Live music by Lights On, The Traditionist, LDR and The Kates, The Color of Glass and DJ Trail-Mix-A LOT will perform while you make your way to the cootie-catcher booth where you can make your own fortune-telling paper mechanism.

MCASD challenges you to write where you want to be in three months time, and the museum will mail them to you later to see how you did. Spirographs will be available to decorate your font, so you can feel like an artist too.

This is the last TNT until November, so make sure you check it out!

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