Dogs and Beer: Why Didn't We Think of That?

There's a new invention that’s bringing together two things near and dear to the hearts of men across America: dogs and beer. 

It's called Bark 4 Beer -- a dog collar that opens beer. Yes, it's the kind of thing that makes you say, "why didn't I think of that".

The product just launched a few weeks ago and already it’s one of the hottest Christmas gifts of the season. The two San Diego men who are behind it have seen orders coming in from 30 states.

Adam Harris and his good friend John Hornbeak stumbled upon greatness while sitting in Harris' parent’s back yard.

“We had just a whole bucket of beers, Coronas. I remember a couple of dogs and no openers and we said, I think that's a good idea,” Hornbeak said.

They admit the product isn’t for everyone.

"If it's a guy they love it, if it's a girl they think it's ridiculous," Harris said.

Ridiculous or genius -- Hornbeak showed us how it works.

"You call your dog over, you grab this thing right here and it retracts out and you open it up," he said.

Hard to believe, but it took a year and a half and six versions just to get it right. The key is the retractable cord.

The initial prototype had the beer opener attached directly to the collar. That didn't work, because you'd either get dog hair in your beer or beer on the dog. The retractable cord solved those problems.

"It's basically the four-legged bottle opener for the party animal," Harris said. "I mean, it's perfect."

They now have a patent, a Web site, and more and more orders coming in every day. 

So what's next? A wine-opening cat collar?

"Maybe later," Hornbeak said. "For now I think we'll stick with dogs.  I couldn't imagine you going, ‘here kitty.'"

But then again, there are plenty of people who never imagined this – man’s best friend and best beverage together at last.

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