Do You Need the Marriage Ref?

The hit NBC show is holding a casting call for San Diego couples.


Does your spouse do something that drives you crazy? Has your marriage hit a rough patch? Perhaps you need the "Marriage Ref."

Casting staffers with the NBC show will be in San Diego next week looking for couples like the ones featured on the show. You know, those who can't agree on whether to keep an iguana in their home or argue over one's crush on Mariah Carey.

If you're interested, contact

Make sure to include a photo of you and your spouse, and what your current dispute is about.  And in the subject line, don't forget to include your city and state. 

So what are the show's producers looking for? They want everyday folks who are relatable and have a sense of humor. People you wouldn't normally find in a reality show. 

The more animated your e-mail, the better your chances of a response and perhaps an audition.  

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