Do You Dare?

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Are you a fiend for adventure and spontaneity? Do you thrive off watching shows like the Amazing Race and long to be a part of something that thrilling? Then you’ll dig Urban Dare!

The fourth season of Urban Dare will hit San Diego hard on Saturday with even bigger challenges than before-with 30 cities hosting events nationwide. Participants will be solving clues to find checkpoints around town, using their smarts rather than their speed to race to the finish. You are encouraged to “phone-a-friend” and use hand-held devices to help you think of the most efficient ways of going about the race.

Your Urban Dare essentials: a phone, a digital camera, a map and a pen to take notes. Get ready for a lot of walking since you will be covering about five miles during the race and facing various mental, physical and just plain ridiculous dares along the way.

Aside from the incentive of having a ton of fun during the race, there is also the chance of winning a three-day Royal Caribbean Cruise to keep you on your toes and perhaps the chance of going on to compete in Super Dare where you could win a first prize of $5,000.

If you haven't already purchased you tickets, they are $110 the day of the race (today), with proceeds going to fight breast cancer. Find out more at

Take the Urban Dare, I dare ya!

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