Dirty Sweet

Called one of the hardest-working bands in the biz and the winners of three San Diego's Music awards for Best Rock group, this group knows how to do exactly that - rock.

Drummer Chris Mendez-Vanacore took some time to talk about the Elemental Experience concert and what's in their near future.

“We were lucky enough to do an event with Stay Classy last year,” said Mendez-Vanacore. “We were really excited about this concert also. It’s nice because it’s both eco-conscious and raises money for a good cause.”

While Dirty Sweet plays at all sorts of venues, from getting their start touring with Jimmy Eats World in 2004, to playing at the Viper Room, the Hard Rock Hotel, and the Casbah, this particular concert is especially close to their heart.

“It’s America’s Finest City and people don’t really think of there being thousands of homeless and abused kids living out on our streets,” said Mendez-Vanacore. "This is just a great opportunity to help out where we can."

The band plans to kick it into high gear with their new record set to come out. And as for San Diego itself, well they’re not going anywhere - lucky for us!

“We’re starting to do more shows locally and it’s nice to be playing a great show in our hometown. Some of us might be transplants but we all consider San Diego to be our home,” said Mendez-Vanacore. “There are some beautiful places around the world, but the speed and life of San Diego is just awesome.”

Couldn’t agree more. Check out the eclectic and addictive sounds of Dirty Sweet on their MySpace page and find out more info about the band on their website.

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