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It's been two years since the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club installed Polytrack, and Executive Vice President Craig Farvel says it's cut down injuries by 50 percent.

It's made up of 80 percent silica sand shipped in from Illinois. The rest is a combination of fibers that are coated with a special wax substance.

Farvel says the whole thing cost $10 Million to install, which included an underground drainage system.

What's in a Name?:

What's in a name?  A lot, if you ask trainer Peter Miller who doesn't like naming horses after people.

"They always tend to be the slowest horses," said Miller.  Not what you want when you're hoping for a big win.

Horse's names are usually a derivative of their parents names.  Miller has a horse running on Wednesday called "Punctual". His mother's name was "Right on Time."

Great Horses:

Del Mar has seen some great horses over the years, starting with "Seabiscuit" in 1938, just one year after the Del Mar racetrack opened. 

San Diego born and bred "Best Pal" won the first-ever Pacific Classic in 1991, scoring a $1 million prize. 

Coming up on August 9, a young mare named "Zenata" will be racing in the Clement L. Hirsch and insiders are excited to see what she'll do.

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