Mayor's Race: Kevin Faulconer, Behind the Music

Republican mayoral hopeful Kevin Faulconer reveals what bands voters would be surprised he likes

With a mayoral runoff election looming next Tuesday, SoundDiego wanted to ask Democrat David Alvarez and Republican Kevin Faulconer the important questions: What radio stations do you listen to? Who’s your favorite rapper? What musical acts do you love nobody would guess you like? And, most important: Do you watch SoundDiego TV?

Here’s a rundown of Faulconer’s responses. Click HERE to find out how Alvarez responded.
SoundDiego: We're getting close to the runoff election. Music helps a lot of people cope with high-pressure situations -- how do you cope with your run for mayor?
Kevin Faulconer: I like to listen to music when I'm driving around in the car, between meetings, news conferences and other functions.
SD: What local radio stations, if any, do you listen to and why do you prefer them?
KF: I listen to a lot of stations, like Jack 100.7 FM, 101.5 KGB and 91x. When my kids are in the car with me, we listen to Energy 103.7.
SD: What musical acts do you love that nobody would guess you'd like?
KF: I like X and Van Halen.
SD: What local artists are on your playlist?
KF: Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam used to live around here, and he's on my playlist.
SD: We frequently ask interview subjects this because it gives a sense of who they are: Who is your favorite rapper?
KF: Dr. Dre.
SD: Have you ever watched our show on NBC 7, SoundDiego?
KF: No, but I'm adding it to my DVR.
SD: What is you and your wife, Katherine’s, favorite song?
KF: Kenny Chesney is one of the few artists we both agree on.
SD: Have you had any musicians play at any of your campaign events? How did you select them?
KF: Not yet, but we'd consider a local musician for the mayor's state of the city address. 
SD: If you win the election what song do you want played?
KF: The Aztec fight song!
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