Daughters Testify in Father's Murder Trial

Keith Turner's defense team pokes holes in prosecution's case

Emotions run high in an East County courtroom after the daughters of a man accused of killing then burying his wife in their backyard testify in his defense.

Turner's defense team is hoping the jury will sympathize with the girls' stories of how their mother's meth addiction terrorized their family and their father.

Dakota Turner, 18, and Randy Turner, 23, told story after story of how their mother changed once she started using meth.  According to the girls, this was after she left their father for another man.

"She started leaving and not coming home and wouldn't treat us the same. She wasn't my mom," said Dakota.  "She'd get really angry, start blaming all of us and she'd say it was our fault and she was trying to make herself happy and we couldn't do that."

The girls talked about how Toby would split time between her new boyfriend and the family and how their dad would just "take it.  "

Keith Turner's attorney has suggested that Toby Turner pushed him to a breaking point with her irrational and sometimes violent behavior.

The defendant sobbed uncontrollably at times Friday.  Prosecutors allege he strangled Toby then buried her remains in the back yard back in September of 2005.

Two years later, her body was discovered and according to sheriff's investigators -- Keith Turner admitted to everything.

A psychologist told jurors that Turner may have done this because he has passive dependant personality disorder and wants to please others, especially if they're in a position of power.

"He has an excessive need to rely on others and to put the needs of others before his own" said The expert who was paid by the defense to review medical records, transcripts, and interview the defendant. 

Prosecutors are asking the jury to convict Keith Turner on first-degree murder charges.  The defense obviously pushing for something less. 

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