Dating After Divorce

What are the rules and how to recognize if you are not ready to get back in the game.

        Dating can be daunting, especially if you've been there, done that and you find yourself newly divorced.  North County intimacy expert Janet Chessor Newman gives practical advice if you want to get back in the dating game.  Chessor is a "pleasureologist " who assists her clients in their relationships and ability to be intimate. Here is her advice to those who are divorced and single:

       *Avoid dating if your divorce is not finalized. Wait until the ink is dry before you embark upon a dating life if you want to avoid sticky situations.

       * Make a clean break. If you still talke to your ex on the weekends to catch up with each other, maybe you shouldn't. It's impossible to let go and hold on at the same time.

       * Hold onto your hormones. If you want to stay as objective as possible don't have sex right away with anyone. It could cloud your judgement.

      * Make your non-negotiable list. Now that you are single again, you can make a fresh start. Make a list of what is non-negotiable in your next relationship, i.e. pets, step- children, having children, work schedules, money.

       For more advice on how to date after divorce click on : Janet Chessor Newman.

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