Cut Copy: Send Help

One Cut Copy fan makes a public plea for a ticket to the band's sold-out Halloween show

Too broke to buy tickets to see your favorite band in concert? We’ve all been there. Heck, as recent as last month, we were debating which internal organs to sell in order to see Paul McCartney at Petco. Most of the time though, nothing comes of it. We move on with our lives; bands come and go -- we hang our heads in disappointment but hold out hope that there will be future opportunities to see them again. It’s a small consolation, but, hey, the struggle is real.

However, that didn’t stop Gina L. -- one particular Cut Copy fanatic -- from taking to the mean streets of Craigslist and posting an ad in a desperate plea for help: “It’s my birthday and I’m too poor to see Cut Copy,” her headline read. The Australian electro-pop band (whom we’ve interviewed before) is set to headline the North Park Theatre on Halloween night, and the show is currently sold out.

Luckily, Gina’s two-paragraph ad swept through the Internet in the way that strange things generally do, was shared by the Merrow’s Facebook page, and came across our desks here at SoundDiego. Normally, we’d let these situations play out on their own, but every so often, if we’re able, we try to lend a hand.

So here it is: Gina’s been down on her luck, and the Cut Copy show is sold out. If anyone has an extra ticket or can obtain a ticket for her out of the kindness of your heart, we appeal to you to do so. Just take a look at her original ad here (excerpt below):

“I just didn’t get a ticket in time. I’ve been broke. And I’m still too broke to buy a ticket to the now sold out show. So I thought. Maybe. Maybe someone will have pity and help me out cause it’s my birthday. Cut Copy is easily my favorite band. Every [sic] since my best friend and I synced up in Ghost Colours on our headphones and danced around San Francisco. It’s been true love ever since. I turn 30 this November 2nd. And all I want is to see Cut Copy on Halloween and wear my electric fairy costume an [sic] light up the night for them.”

Help a fellow music fan out. Pay it forward. The woman just wants to see her favorite band in concert for her birthday. Is that too much to ask? And if someone in Cut Copy’s camp or one of the band members themselves sees this, why not give her a birthday gift she’ll never forget?

We're rootin' for you, Gina. Good luck.

If you can offer any help, or want to reach out to make Gina L.'s dream come true, please feel free to contact us.

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