Curtis Talks of Marilyn’s Curves, Kisses


Some like it hot and the Hotel Del Coronado is still at the center of it all.

The Del is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1959 classic comedy this weekend by hosting award-winning actor Tony Curtis for a weekend of events and a book signing of his new release, "The Making of Some Like It Hot." For a minimum of $340/night, fans can rub elbows with Curtis and producer Walter Mirisch.

Locals know the film was filmed at the famous hotel and now, Curtis has returned to San Diego to celeberate the making of the classic film.

"The secret of that movie is the three of us, the four of us Billy Wagner capturing Marylin Monroe, Jack Lemon, and lucky me," Curtis said Friday.

The film was voted the top comedy of all time by the American Film Institute but listening to Curtis reminisce is a comedy in and of itself. Known for his outlandish statements, Curtis cracked up news crews with his memories of walking in high heels and having his own set of breasts for the part.

But when he revealed what happened to him physically during the filming of a kissing scene with Monroe you might want to say TMI, Tony."

"When she got up from the shot she kept watching me get up and I couldn't get up for a minute, I needed some artifact so I grabbed a pillow," he said showing how he used the prop to cover his privates. "That's what life's like and the movies can't stop it."

Curtsi starred in over 140 major motion pictures. Fans can spend an evening with him Saturday, September 19 starting at 7 p.m.

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