Crystal Method Close Out Mardi Gras

As usual, the highlight of Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp were the huge array of dancers—Brazilian Capoeira teams, brightly colored butterfly go-gos, belly dance troupes and even hula girls all danced down 5th Avenue in the Masquerade Parade. But the award for best performance of the night goes to the half dozen breakers who, along with big beat DJ duo The Crystal Method, closed out the night on the Technovale stage. The dancers, strangely clad in white sweatsuits, entertained a throbbing dance floor of hundreds of old and new electronica fans. Most attendees who had been headed for the exit melted into the pulsing crowd just to catch the antics of the group, whose dance fighting, popping and locking, and theatrical playfulness were the perfect night cap on a festive evening.

The Crystal Method ended up playing an impromptu set at Voyeur after Mardi Gras shut down around 12:30 a.m. If you missed either of last night's performances, check out the video one intrepid fan caught here.

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