Crafting is Hip Again

Mother's Day Gifts to make that are really cool

The Dallas Morning News

These are not your grandmother's chachkies. You know those little knick knacks that collect dust on the shelves? Not these. These are actual DIY gifts that aren't so complicated you give up before you start.

Just in the nick of time with Mother's Day approaching May 10, Sandy Sandler is the gift and craft expert who comes to the rescue with cheap but not tacky ideas. For example, flip flops are undeniably the most stylish and ubiquitous fashion statement around so Sandler says buy plain ones in fashion colors at the dollar store or drug store and apply stick on rhinestones and jewels for a gift that's hip.

Or do the same for a picture frame and glue on flowers or other sticky decorations that sparkle and shine.

And then there's that gadget, every craft activity has a gadget. Try the Bowdabra. You can't mess this up. Take any scrap ribbon or cord or rip apart a fake flower and slide it into the Bowdabra. And you get as Sandler puts it a "goof-proof" bow.

For more information click on Bowdabra.

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