County Cuts Could Come Next

Board of Supervisors discusses fiscal woes

First the city, now San Diego County may have to make some difficult financial decisions as revenues fall short of predictions, the Board of Supervisors said Tuesday.

No decisions were made, but Chairman Greg Cox said tough decisions will need to be made if things continue to get worse.  The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that one area that could be hit hard is public safety, including the Sheriff's Department, the District Attorney's Office and the Probation Department. 

The county's financial experts predict $30 million less than anticipated for this year.  Part of the problem is lower property tax revenues and lower sales tax revenues.  The stock market freefall has taken $1.1 billion in value away from the county pension system, Don Steuer, the county's chief financial officer said.

Other "big ticket" items such as the redevelopment of the County Operations Center in Kearny Mesa and the replacement of the Las Colinas Womens Detention Facility in Santee will have to be re-examined, Cox said.

Major reductions or cuts won't come until the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

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