County Assessor/Recorder Resigns

Did Greg Smith Tire of Gay Marriage Controversy?

He is one of San Diego's the most accessible and well-respected elected officials. And after a long career as a public servant, Greg Smith is moving on.

Smith, who is the County's Assessor/Recorder/Clerk, submitted his resignation letter Monday to the Board of Supervisors, reports our media partner, Smith asked the Board to appoint his assistant, David Butler, as his successor, and to endorse another assistant, Jeffrey Olson, in the next election for Assessor.

Though Smith's main job was assessing the value of county real estate, his most high profile duty recently involved overseeing the issuing of marriage licenses and the administration of marriage ceremonies. That aspect of his job became controversial this year when the California state supreme court legalized gay marriage, and Smith's office followed the law by allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry in San Diego County.

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