Cosmic Cocktails in the Neon Boneyard

Sip beverages while enjoying a slice of Sin City's bright past.

SIN CITY PAIR-UP: Las Vegas, like all iconic cities that are known the world over for a few incredibly distinct qualities and offerings, is a land of the pair-up. Oh, not just in weddings, although, rumor has it, the city has been known, on the pair-up scene, for one or two nuptials over the years. Rather, we mean how well two things go together in the land of roulette wheels and splashy stage shows. In fact, there's the first pair-up we had in mind: People waiting to enter a casino-based theater, to see a big-ticket extravaganza, have sometimes been known to put a few chips down on roulette, or play a hand or two of blackjack, before curtain time. Big breakfast buffets and Bloody Marys -- with spirits or straight tomato juice -- are another twosome often seen around town. And huge LED signs and star-level ventriloquists are a duo nearly as long-running as ventriloquist acts (and, of course, the invention of LED). Let us also add sleek, retro cocktails and neon lights to the twosome line-up. Many a Vegas reveler has enjoyed a beverage within the glow of a blinking hotel sign. Many a reveler has held up their drink to the sign, the better to see how a martini changes the sign's hues. And many a reveler will have a chance to sip and admire signs on Friday, Sept. 18 at The Neon Museum's Neon Boneyard. It's... 

COSMIC COCKTAILS... night at the sign-filled institution, and the Las Vegas Astronomical Society is joining in and hauling along a bevy of telescopes. First things first: Guests shall watch the sun set, and then, as the stars pop out, there shall be a lot of looking upward at various planets and stars. A DJ "spinning cosmic music" will be on hand, and food and drink options will be in-the-house and on-the-plates (and in-the-cups) as well. Tickets? They're seventy five bucks a person, and they help out the Neon Museum in all of its sign-saving, public program ways. Pairing up signage and sipping? It's a very Vegas tradition. If you have designs on calling upon Sin City over that weekend, a cocktail in the Neon Boneyard, with some astronomy love as the cherry on the cake, could be an offbeat to-do, and yet one with plenty of way-cool Vegas history, universe-inspired knowledge, and a flavorful bite/sip, too.

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