Carlsbad Police Looking For Victims' Relative

The next step in the investigation into two deaths inside a Carlsbad home involves locating a relative who was also living in the home.

Carlsbad police officers were checking on the welfare of residents at 2719 Chestnut Avenue Sunday just after 6 p.m. when they discovered two bodies inside the home. A family member had called the police with concerns about the people living in the home.

Officers blocked off the section of Chestnut Monday morning, allowing only residents to go in and out.

Sgt. Mickey Williams said the deaths are "suspicious in nature". He said there appears to be bodily injuries to both of the deceased, but wouldn't specify any further.

Officers discovered a third person unharmed in the home.

The medical examiner's office arrived late Monday and processed the scene. According to investigators, there were no weapons inside and the bodies may have been in the home for at least two days.

A neighbor described the residents of the home as an elderly couple, possible in their 80s. Hugo Galicia said he has known the couple for about ten years and believed the woman's brother, who was also described as elderly, was living in the house as well.

Carlsbad police are looking for a fourth person, a relative, who is believed to have been living inside the home. He is listed as a "person of interest."

The 2,000-square-foot, four-bedroom home has been owned by Jean and Harry Gluck or the Harry and Jean Gluck family trust since 1993 the North County Times reported. Jean Gluck, 77 and Harry Gluck, 90 occupied the home since then, the paper reported.

According to investigators, the state of the interior could be the result of a struggle or could just be the normal state of the residence.

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