Cooking for Charity

Local celeb chef opens up his kitchen to raise money for charity


What’s a better way to give to charity than to scramble up a few eggs? That’s the idea behind breakfast this morning at Sam Zien’s house.

Most San Diegans know Zien as TV personality “Sam the Cooking Guy” but today he was a short order cook, of sorts.

Zien opened his home and his kitchen to a bunch of hungry radio station disc jockeys and musicians, hosting breakfast for the folks from 91x and members of the reggae band “Slightly Stupid.” Ms. California and Mayor Sanders were also expected.

“I feel fortunate that I can do what I do,” said Zien. “Not everyone has found that thing that keeps money in the bank for them.”

Zien decided to do what he does best to help raise money for the San Diego Food Bank because the charity says its had a tough year with more families to provide for than ever.

”All I had to do was get up early,” said Zien.

You can donate to the San Diego Food Bank without even leaving your chair. Check out this link for details.

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