Conman Takes Pro Surfers for Ride

A predator has been targeting pro surfers for years, the reported.
The con man has been working the scam for years, VOSD reported. He recently contacted La Jolla surfer Derek Dunfee and asked for him to wire $451.18 to a tow yard to get his car back, he told the local news Web site.
Surfing magazine editor Evan Slater told the that the con artist has talked surfers and professionals in the industry out of thousands of dollars. Slater said the crook frequently uses the towed car story, but he also has told victims he had his wallet stolen.
The con man obviously knows his audience and targets his victims carefully, using a variety of aliases to lower his victim's defenses.
Read the’s "Surfing Con Man Targets a Close-Knit Community" for more details.

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