Comic-Con Turns Up: A Music Guide

Comic-Con turns San Diego into a mecca for nerdery -- and live music

It’s that time of year again. Oh yes, the time of year when people roam the streets in superhero costumes and zombie makeup; when San Diego is transformed into a mecca for all things nerd and geek; and where everyone and their mom decides to have a blowout, throw-down party somewhere in town. That’s right, Comic-Con is upon us, friends, and come Thursday, July 9 (or Wednesday, if you’ve got press passes like we do -- bazinga!), it kicks into full, B.O.-drenched swing. Luckily for you, we have our ever-roaming eye (like the one from Mordor, duh) searching out the coolest shows for the music-loving cosplayers around town.

Wednesday, July 8

  • Elijah Wood is hitting up Bang Bang under the name Wooden Wisdom, and if you caught our Mordor reference up there, then chances are you’ve already got tickets to this hobbit hero’s shindig. One DJ to rule them all, as they say.

Thursday, July 9

  • Flo Rida and All-Time Low headline the MTV Fandom Awards at Petco Park. Every year, MTV throws this strange awards event for no real reason other than to get in on that Comic-Con marketing blitz while bestowing a little glitz and glamour on the Pikachu-hoarding masses. Basically a People’s Choice Awards for no one in particular. Either way, Petco’s the place to be after you get your Day 1 on.
  • Ever heard of DJ Uncle Blazer? Probably not. Ever heard of one Blake Henderson (played by Blake Anderson) from Comedy Central's bromedy "Workaholics"? We thought so. Good ol' loveable Blake is bringing that wicked humor, luscious fro and, hopefully, his magical rapping skills (seriously, look up the Purple Wizards on iTunes, bro) to Bang Bang for a most righteous DJ set, and we couldn't be more stoked about it. As they say on the show, this one's "totally tight butthole." 

Friday, July 10

  • Fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” prepare to feast on Walker Stalker Fan Fest at Petco Park. Spoiler alert: Fans of the series’ now-deceased Beth Greene character can take comfort in the fact that she’s very much alive and well -- actress Emily Kinney will be singing her heart out just for you at our downtown ballpark. Just try not to eat it, OK?
  • Dead Feather Moon, Jeramiah Red and Spero take to the Merrow in Hillcrest for an evening of fine alt-country rock, fiery indie-blues and, if DFM’s newer tunes are any indication, smoldering grooves. Word on the street is bands will be rocking costumes on stage -- excellent call, and even more reason to break out our long-dormant Aquaman outfit.
  • We’ve got a thing for Prayers. We tapped the cholo-goth duo for our SoundDiego LIVE party at the Air-Conditioned Lounge a few months back, and now that they’ve hit the big time with Blink-182’s Travis Barker on their new EP, “Young Gods,” their Friday night show at the Hideout will most likely be the smallest stage you’ll ever see them on again. Tired of partying with superheroes? Dress in black and get down with the super villains here instead.
  • Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas have been wowing us for the past couple years. The Detroit, Michigan-based band hit us with their vintage-loving blues/soul/R&B-flavored indie rock on one of last year’s episodes of SoundDiego TV, and we simply can’t shake ’em off our mind. More like Wonder Woman & the Deltas. Get roped in by her Lasso of Musical Truth at Soda Bar.
  • Epic Future Radness is just that: an epically awesome festival of future radness lined up the Kabbs’ Brian Clinebell (whose band is also performing). Danny & the Darleans, Octagrape and Clean Room are also set to play this Tower Bar show, and while we love live music and all, there will also be a Fender guitar giveaway at the gig -- and papa needs a brand new ax. See you there.

Saturday, July 11

  • If you haven’t seen the Schizophonics yet, do yourself a favor and head to the Casbah on Saturday -- this trio (with a new bass player, we might add) do ’60s-flavored garage rock right. We have a feeling there’ll be a ton of Comic-Con tourists with blown minds wandering the streets of San Diego like zombies on Sunday after witnessing Pat Beers’ one-handed guitar heroics. Superman who? Mr. Tube & the Flying Objects, Badabing and Madly (who play our own SoundDiego LIVE party on July 30 at Soda Bar -- RSVP here) fill out the bill.
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