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Express Men

SUNNY TIED UP: Women have a million reasons to be excited for Spring. From dresses to shoes and everything in between, ladies' fashion was practically made for this season. So what can men do to show off some of their Spring fever, too?

One way to display excitement about the warming weather is to brighten up your wardrobe with some fun, colorful ties. Express currently carries almost 50 ties full of sunny oranges, greens, reds, blues, pinks, purples and shades of turquoise. Prints include au currant plaids and monotone paisleys as well as traditional angled stripes, checks and solids.

Fashioned from silk and visually stunning, they easily pair with your basic white and light blue shirts, and will pop against bolder shades and standard stripes.

GET IT: For $39.50 each online and in-store. Express Men, 7007 Friars Road, Fashion Valley Mall, (619) 296-8161.

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