Color Me Customized

Kids make their own crayons with this creative contraption.


Crayons, for all their worth, have a way of breaking into pieces and wearing into nubs. Persevering kids will still use their little fingers to get all they can out of their crayon crumbs, but after a while even the tiniest of hands find frustration in this practice.

The Crayola Crayon Maker lets you make the most of your crayon scraps by melting them in a kid-safe container and re-molding them into new crayons. Mix two different colors for a swirled effect, or combine crayons in the same color family (like yellows and golds) for a new color all your own.

Though it only makes two crayons at a time and takes about 20 minutes to do so, it's a great way to recycle, save money and be artsy all at once.

Pick it up at Amazon online for $29.99.

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