Classiest Race of Them All

Rare ancient steam-powered yachts racing this weekend on San Diego Bay

You don't even have to love boats to appreciate this Saturday's big race between San Diego's own Medea and Cangarda from Willmington, Dellaware.  These are not speed boats ( far from it)  and no, they're not topped with wind-driven sails either; they are in fact very rare steam-powered yachts, two of the classiest, most elegant power boats ever built.

Medea, part of our San Diego Maritime Museum and the 126' Cangarda, recently launched after undergoing and extensive keel to cabin restoration, are only two of three remaining yachts from the Edwardian era (1901-1910).  The other is the Ena, located in Sydney, Australia.

This Saturday, May 15, these two gorgeous steam-yachts will square off will using as a backdrop and starting point for their "grudge match" another spectacular showpiece from this bygone era, the Hotel del Coronado. 

The race will start at noon in Glorietta Bay, run beneath the Coronado Bridge, steam past the Embarcadero, then Harbor Island and then pull a 180 turnabout at the far end of Shelter Island, then race back to the finish line located off-shore from the Maritime Museum.

You can catch some of the action most anywhere along the waterfront or you can get a much closer view and sail next to these classic beauties onboard one of the Museum's other ancient mariners, the Californian or the Pilot. 

Go to the museum's website for more information about the race or to book passage on one of the viewing ships.

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