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CD and DVD sales give way to digital

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Trish Tritz

When it comes to buying music, Pat Colwell turns to his computer more than the store shelf.

"I have a lot of CD's but nowadays it's more downloaded," said Colwell.

He's not alone. More and more shoppers are turning to digital sources to buy their movie and music.

"I'd say 50-50 because if I really like the band or person I'll buy their actual album. If I just like a song or two from that person, I'll just download it from iTunes," shopper Catherine Paredes said.

Best Buy is the country's second biggest seller of DVD's behind WalMart. On the same aisle they sell CD's, they sell cards for digital music downloads.

Best Buy owns the on line website Napster. Like iTune, Napster allows customers to download music on their computers and music players. Why would a store known for selling movies and music go digital?

"We definitely wanted to tap into the younger generation," said Terrell Harrison from Best Buy.

Will Best Buy ever eliminate its rows of CD's and DVD's?

"I don't see that in the foreseeable future," said Harrison.

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