Celebrating “Movember”


In Movember, men around the world hang up their razors and opt out of shaving.

That's the month we just ended, according to the Lance Armstrong Foundation LIVESTRONG. It's the 30 days set aside each year to help raise money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.

Nearly $50 million has been raised to date around the globe since the foundation started the prickly campaign in 2003.

Julian Heppekausen, CEO of Bondi, has hosted the annual Movember party in San Diego for the last three years.  “In typical Australian fashion they decided to raise money, make a good time and having a kick-ass party like you do here,” he said.

Men arrived at Bondi Thursday to show off their mo's. Many had been growing their moustaches for a month and raising money to help fight prostate cancer at the same time.

There were favorite “mo” characters everywhere -- Indigo Montoya, the chef from the Muppets, CHP officers, you name it. 

Eddie Colson and Mike Campbell, both Movember virgins, decided to grow for the cause this time around.

“It might be a permanent thing,” said Campbell, “The girlfriend likes it so it might stay around.”

“I’m not afraid to grow a ‘stache for the cause,” said Eddie Colson who grew a beard for three weeks and then shaved it down. Well worth it.”

Even those who couldn’t grow moustaches, or had a tough time trying, still had fun doing it.

PJ Lamont grew his moustache for 35 days. “Yeah, it’s pretty weak,” he said admitting his attempt at a moustache wasn’t, well, let’s just say it wasn’t very Magnum P.I.

“It might end up coming off,” he said.

For Heppenkausen, there’s no excuse. “Stick a mo’ on if you didn’t grow one,” he said.

For returning Movember champion Matthew Curran, growing a mo’ was no problem. He earned the title “Man of Movember 2008” with his 70s hockey player look and returned to compete again as “White Gold.”

The "Man of Movember 2009," named last night, is Dayle Hodge who arrived with his look "Oakland Mo'."

In San Diego, more than $60,000 has been raised - $345,000 in Southern California overall. That doesn't include the money raised by admission charged in Thursday's celebration.

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