Celebrate the Craft at The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Savor a "California bounty" in an alfresco celebration near the lauded lodge.

IDYLL ON THE ARROYO TERRACE: Spy a snapshot of the outdoor area adjacent to The Lodge at Torrey Pines, and you just might slip into a reverie. After all, the ocean is just over in the near-ish distance, and a golf course, too, and the handsome trees that dot the area lend it an ethereal, cover-of-a-coffeetable-book quality. Add to all of this, though, the chance to eat, drink, and expand your knowledge of "California's bounty"? A bounty transformed by number of notable chefs into small bites of delight? That "idyll" atmosphere only further goes through the roof (though, of course, there's no roof over this particular outdoor area). That "bounty"-filled, bountiful day is ahead on Sunday, Oct. 29 at Celebrate the Craft. It's the...

15TH ANNIVERSARY... for the food, drink, hobnob, and sunshine celebration, and to mark the momentous moment, "...the lineup of featured chefs will mirror that of the inaugural 2002 festival." It won't only be about toque-wearing pros, however; excellent beverages, from Golden State wineries and breweries, will be in the glasses during the 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. gathering. "This is a celebration of San Diego's culinary and agricultural community, which has grown over the past 15 years," said Executive Chef Jeff Jackson of The Lodge at Torrey Pines. "We've developed a fraternity of chefs, winemakers, producers, and farmers who are passionate about the sources of our foodstuffs. This year the event will have an entirely new format, with chefs cooking in teams to demonstrate their collective creativity, rather than showing off their individual talents."

TEAMS OF THREE: The chefs'll work in trios, combining knowledge and ideas as they go, and each plate will feature "one key protein." Included on the 2017 participant roster? Michael Stebner of Sweetgreen, Gregory Chavez of Wine Vault & Bistro, and Kara Snyder of Tender Greens. A ticket to Celebrate the Craft is $135, and that covers your suppables, your sips, and your valet parking, too. Slow Food San Diego, as the affair's beneficiary, will receive a portion of each ticket sold. And is there a stay-over room package connected with the food-tastic event? You bet: CRAFT is the code you need, and you can find further details by phoning the hotel. Book at bit more time at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, with more chances to soak up the Arroyo Terrace, the ocean air, and the craftsman-lovely atmosphere of the luxury destination.

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