Hurley’s Surf Tour Coming to Mission Beach


This July 13, all children can enter Hurley’s 2011 “Rip My Shred Stick” Surf Contest  in Mission Beach for a chance to win a GoPro digital sports camera.

Attention surfer bros and bikini wahinis: don’t miss Hurley’s 2011 "Rip My Shred Stick" Surf Contest Tour when they make their stop in Mission Beach, San Diego on July 13.

The tour will be making visits to 17 well-known surf spots around the country, including Puerto Rico, Florida and New Jersey, for the sole purpose of spreading the joy of surfing to as many people as possible.

Participants 16 years old or under gain free entrance into the surf contest and will be allowed to surf with professionals like Rob Machado. They can also attend the surfer after party at Sun Diego, where organizers will display a slide show of the day. For the artists among the crowd, participants can design their very own board shorts. Whoever wins the surf contest will win a GoPro digital sports camera.

Last but not least, Phantom short board deck pads sold at the Sun Diego after party will come with Supersuede Hurley Boardshorts.

Visit, or visit a local sponsor to sign up.


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