Students, Teacher Hospitalized in China

Thirty-five students and seven faculty chaperones from Carlsbad were supposed to be home from China by now -- instead, they have been quarantined, and some have been hospitalized.

Six students and a teacher from Pacific Ridge School tested positive for the swine flu in an initial screening and are being treated in a Chinese hospital. The rest of the group is quarantined in the hospital or a nearby hotel. 
Teachers said there have been no additional confirmed cases of the swine flu within the group in the last 24 hours.
The Chinese government ordered the group to stay put after a few of the students developed sniffles, and one student experienced food poisoning during their 13-day trip to China.
The decision to quarantine the group is consistent with the protocol the World Health Organization set up when they declared a swine flu pandemic last week.
Rick Sapp's 15-year-old daughter is one of the students.

"By and large, we are getting through [it]," Sapp said. "As a parent we feel like that's what we need to be doing: supporting our children and the teachers on the ground in quarantine."

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