Bye-Bye Blingy!

Buh-bye bling. Hello vacuums?

That is what is replacing diamond watches and private jet flights at the giveaways that celebrities frequent before award shows, CNN reported.

Gift giveaways are a type of advertising--intended to place products in the hands of celebrities to amp-up their “cool” factor—and have been a mainstay in award-season culture for quite sometime. But even Hollywood is feeling the hurt these days.

“Ice” and “bling” are being replaced by “affordable luxury” when it comes to the star treatment. Apparently, being rich just isn’t as cool anymore, celebrity insiders told CNN. That’s good for the rest of us who actually are affected by recession.

So, celebrities, say “so long” to $18,000 watches and a year’s worth of Botox injections! Hello Timex, wrinkles and real life! The place where you have actually pay for things!

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