By the Numbers: Sexy is…

A national survey from Intimacy Boutique lets Americans know what's hot and what's not.

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74% of women said their lingerie wardrobe needs a boost while 67% of men agreed.
Men prefer the look of Brazilian cut panties (43%) and boyshorts (26%) over a thong (only 21%). Women enjoy more coverage for their backside, preferring boyshorts (30%) or the classic bikini (27%).
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56% of men and 39% of women enjoy the demi cup bra, naming it their favorite. Runners-up in this category vary though, as 39% of men enjoy the push-up bra, while 36% of women go for full coverage.
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48% of men preferred black as the color of choice, versus red, white and other colors. Women agree, with 66% saying that black is what men like.
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73% of women surveyed would rather receive lingerie versus chocolate or a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day, with most preferring a matching bra and panty set over anything else.
52% of men surveyed said they plan to spend up to $100 on their honey’s lingerie gift.
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Men's biggest shopping fear? 39% responded not knowing her size. 35% were afraid of not knowing her style.
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However, men still claim to be fairly confident shoppers, with 70% saying they are comfortable shopping solo or with partner.
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Men’s Biggest Lingerie Shopping Fear? It’s not being the only guy in the store. Instead, they are more intimidated by not knowing her size (39%) or her style (35%). Men claim to be fairly confident shoppers as well, with 70% saying they are comfortable shopping solo or with honey.
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