Buyer Beware Pricing Errors

The deals may be aplenty at stores this holiday season, but San Diego County officials are warning consumers to check their receipts for overcharges.

The Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures recently scanned about 25,000 items at 1,000 stores across the county and found errors at more than 50 percent of the stores inspected, according to a report in the San Diego Union-Tribune.  Shoppers are also three to five times more likely to be overcharged than undercharged on purchased items, the county said.

“During these tough economic times when every dollar counts, you should know the price of the item you're buying before you check out and bring the sales ad,” said Robert Atkins, county sealer of Agriculture, Weights and Measures.

A county ordinance requires stores that are convicted of overcharging to post a “Notice of Penalty for Failed Inspection” at each store entrance for ten days.

If you find you are a victim of overcharging, contact the County Department of Agriculture, Weights and Measures at 888-878-3722.  You can also get more tips from the County of San Diego.

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