Bruce Springsteen. Los Angeles. You Know It.

So much has been written about Bruce Springsteen, so much discussed, so much admired, that we quake at the thought of jumping into the vast pool of highly complicated, detail-driven Bruce-related studies. We will say two things though. Besides creating songs that will be enjoyed and deeply rocked out to thousands of years from now (hello future Springsteen fans, if you're reading this!), he seems like a genuinely kind and very smart guy. Not that the music we enjoy always has to be created by genuinely kind and very smart guys, but when we know it is, it adds a little bit of pixie dust and something-something.

And two: his recent song for "The Wrestler" -- the tune played over the closing credits of the Mickey Rourke starrer -- has been haunting us since we first heard it in the fall. A sorrowful bit of mastery, as always.

Mr. Springsteen, welcome to LA, again. We know our little slice of heaven here in SoCal is getting all the big acts this week (and helloooo to you too, Mr. McCartney!), but sometimes we're just selfish that way. We like our epic tuneage, we like our arena acts, we like kind and very smart people who create songs that haunt us for months on end.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Wednesday, April 15th and Thursday, April 16th
LA Memorial Sports Arena, 3939 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles

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