Return of Floatopia

The next Floatopia has been announced and it is taking over Mission Bay.

If the numbers on Facebook are accurate, attendance to the event is projected to be over 1,600, with over 1,300 “maybe attending."

Revisiting what the event is, Floatopia is one large gathering of partiers at the beach. They head out into the water on rafts with drinks in hand. The reason for the rafts? The Beach Booze Ban.

The law, which was approved in 2008, prohibits drinking alcohol on the beach, yet does not exclude drinking while in the water. While the idea seems harmless, there are definitely dangers and repercussions, including hospitalization, citations and tons of trash left on the beaches.

The last Floatopia took place on May 9 and didn't exactly have the turnout that was expected. While 5,000 people were expected to attend, only 700 people showed.

Interested in checking it out? The event takes place July 17 at Mission Bay’s Fanuel Park. More information can be learned by checking out the event’s Facebook page.
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