Bow Wow Wants to Meet You!

A Celebration to Your Education: Hip-hop artist Bow Wow is coming to San Diego and he wants to meet you - if you've got the grades. He'll be performing May 16 at the San Diego Convention Center and the five students with the highest gpa's and attendance will get the chance to hang out with the artist before the show.

Also, each high school has the chance to submit their bands for a drum line battle. The audience will pick the winner and that school will get $1,000 for their band department and each member will get $50 in cash.

Our partner Z90.3 chatted with Bow Wow on his tour bus and asked him a couple questions about his own schooling. Bow Wow was actually home schooled all through high school. His favorite subjects: "gym and recess" and his least favorite: "math".  He also says he's not a big reader and hasn't read anything in a long time, but says to students, "Read, don't be like me. Reading is very fundamental."

Concert begins at 7 p.m. and doors open at 5 p.m. Tickets are $20 and a school ID is required for entry. Click here to purchase your tickets, or call 1-866-468-7619.

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